This source of this history is slightly uncertain. It was originally attributed to my great uncle Eric “Buster” Glover, however some of the research was done before he was born (as is evidenced in appendix E referring to a letter in 1914). Buster’s letter accompanying the copy he sent me in 1992 states “gleaned from a paper by an American cousin Leigh Glover”. The letter accompanying another copy from my grandfather states “I do not know what the source is but I think it must be Roy Glover, my first cousin the son of Lewis Glover and Mildred my father’s sister. Mildred some years ago gave me all the details I knew but this is much fuller - and more confusing.”

A scanned version is is available here. Unfortunately the top lines of some pages are missing. There is a little further information here.

Ian Glover, 2009

The First Generation

Robert Gluvar, born at the end of the Sixteenth Century and living in Haddington as early as 1621, was twice married. His first wife was Margaret Gibson. The name of his second wife is unknown. He had a son, John, by Margaret Gibson and several by his second wife. There is nothing to show whether Robert was a native of Haddington or otherwise. The tradition among his descendants (see appendix A) is that the family came originally from Leicestershire. Two brothers are said to have gone to Scotland with Cromwell. One remained in Haddington and the other settled in the west of Scotland, being the ancestor of the Glovers of the Theatre, Glasgow. From this latter branch the Reverend Doctor Glover of Greenside Church, Edinburgh, and the Glovers of the Gas Meters are believed to have sprung.

Haddington, East Lothian (View Larger Map)

The ascertained facts do not bear out this tradition for the Glover family was established at Haddington about 25 years before Cromwell’s soldiers were there. Further a manuscript pedigree in the possession of the family gives the Reverend Dr. Glover of Greenside Church, a Leith origin.

It is more probable that the Glovers of Haddington, Leith, Edinburgh, Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland sprang from a common ancestor who settled in the North at least a century before Cromwell’s time (see appendix B).

Family traditions are notedly unreliable, yet they generally contain a grain of truth round which they have grown. In the present case we have a fact which may enable us to give a shrewd guess as to the truth of this tradition. That fact is … [missing] … Registers from 1621 to 1654. It is quite possible that this may indicate that Robert Gluvar left Scotland for Leicestershire on the death of his first wife. If so, two of Robert’s sons by his second wife may have been born in Leicestershire, joined the army of Cromwell as young men, with it gone to Scotland, and finding themselves at the close of the Civil War among the Scottish relatives of their deceased father, have decided to settle in Scotland.

This theory could be tested as there are at the Public Record Office, London, six large bundles containing the master-rolls of Cromwell’s army in England and Scotland. From these records it is frequently possible to see where a soldier joined the army and where he left it. It is, however, not an easy search as the documents are many and neither arranged nor indexed. Returning to Robert Gluvar, we cannot definitely say that he did not die in Haddington. As usual with parochial registers in Scotland, the records of deaths and burials in Haddington are non-existent, except for a few years, viz: 1619 to 1622 (see appendix A).

We presume that he died between the years 1625 and 1637 - not before 1625 as he had several children by his second wife and his first wife was still living in 1621; not after 1637 as he is not mentioned in the will, dated that year, of son Jo[h]n. Robert either died out of Scotland or was intestate as there is no Glover will in the Commissariat Record of Edinburgh between the years 1621 and 1637 (see appendix B).

As for his children - we have already recorded that in 1621 his son John, was born of his first wife. By his second wife we shall see that he had a son, Andrew, and other children. It is … [missing] … before 1654 John Sheill, and possibly other sisters who married Andrew Gray, Richard Broune, William Mason and John Bower.

The Second Generation

Andrew Glover’s is the name that particularly interests us in this generation but for convenience we will first record what is known about his half brother, the John Glover mentioned above.

On the 15th of July, 1621, Robert Gluvar and Margaret Gibson had a son “Jon” baptized at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were Samuel Robesone and John News. John Glover became a chapman in Haddington and died in June 1637. His will is preserved in the Commissariat Record of Edinburgh. It is dated 16th May 1637. In it he mentioned his “half-brethren” leaving them legacies to be paid when they reached full age. Unfortunately he does not mention their names. His other legacies are to Isabel Aytoune (spouse of James Weiche, Fletcher, a burgess of Haddington), Agnes Edingtoune (daughter of Gilbert Edingtoune, deceased, formerly a merchant and burgess of Haddington), Katherine Andersone, Patrick Mure, Alexander Fairbairn, Christian Guthrie an Mingaitt (?) John Guthrie, Walter Muire, Helen Dods in Haddington and Margaret Currie. The will was witnessed by George Sinclair, Robert Dasone, Robert Trotter and James Trotter (son of the said Robert), all burgesses of Haddington.

John Glover (chapman)
John Glover's name and occupation
in his will in the Scottish records.

From the will’s silence as to wife and children we may safely presume that John Glover died a batchelor or a widower without children. His is the only will a Haddington Glover to be found in the Commissariat Record of Edinburgh from 1514 to 1800, so we cannot imagine that the next few generations of the family were well supplied with this world’s goods.

We now come to Andrew Glover. As he is the only Glover of that period mentioned in the Haddington registers, we can safely place him as one of the half brothers whom John Glover the chapman mentioned in his will.

As Andrew was therefore a child of Robert Gluvar’s second marriage he could not have been born before 1622 and, as a child of his was born in 1654. Taking the mean between these two dates we get 1628 as his approximate date of birth. We do not know the date of his death but it was after 1659, when his youngest child was born.

In, or shortly before, 1653 he married Elspeth Shillila and by her had four children:

  1. John Glover, born 27th February and baptised at Haddington 5th March, 1654. The witnesses to the baptism were John Sheill and Andrew Gray. Of this John Glover (whom we will call John Glover Senior) we will treat under the heading of “the third generation”.

  2. William Glover, born 14th November 1655, was baptised at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were John Sheill and Richard Broune. Of him we know nothing further.

  3. Thomas Glover, born 4th May 1658, was baptised at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were John Sheill and William Mason. Of him we know nothing.

  4. Janet Glover, born 15th December 1659, was baptised at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were John Sheill and John Bower. Of her we know nothing further.

The Third Generation

John Glover, Senior, son of Andrew Glover, was born in 1654 as stated above. We have seen that a John Sheill was present at baptism … [missing] … the paternal grandfather of the child. In this case we may presume that John Sheill had married Andrew Glover’s sister before 1654. We shall see that this connection thus started between the Glover and Sheill families continued for four generations.

John Glover, Senior, married Margaret Sheill, who very probably was his cousin. The union was blessed with at least half-a-dozen children:

  1. Archibald Glover. His birth is not recorded in the Haddington registers but, as will be seen, there can be no doubt at all that he was a son of John Glover Senior. On 9th October, 1708 Archibald Glover and Janet Foord, both in the Parish of Haddington, were married there. His “cautioner” (or “surety” as we should say in England) was Patrick Carfrae and hers was James Richardson. In 1709 Archibald Glover and “Janet Freed” his wife, had a son a George, born 21st August and baptised at Haddington on 28th. The witnesses to the baptism being Parkick Carfrae and James Richardson, evidently the same who had been cautioners at the marriage of 1708. Of George we know nothing further. In 1713 Archibald Glover was a witness to the baptism of Christian, daughter of John Glover Junior.

  2. George Glover, born 25th January and baptised at Haddington 1st February 1685. The witnesses to the baptism were Patrick Smyth and James Broun.

  3. John Glover, born 1st November and baptised 7th November 1686 at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were James Broady and Robert Wood. Of this John Glover (whom we shall call John Glover Junior) we will treat under the heading of the “Fourth Generation”.

  4. Margaret (twin with Jean) born 29th February and baptised 24th March 1609 at Haddington.

  5. James, born 24th June 1691 and baptised the same day at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were Richard Cockburn and George Sheill.

Of George, Margaret, Jean and James we know nothing further.

The Fourth Generation

The author's typed tree
The original author's typed tree

John Glover, Junior, (the son of John Glover Senior, and Margaret Sheill) was born in 1686, as recorded above. He followed his father’s example and married a Margaret Shiell, probably a cousin. The marriage took place at Haddington on 24th October 1712. In the register entry they are described as “both in this parish”. By Margaret Shiell, his first wife, John Glover had the following three children:

  1. Christian Glover, born 17th October and baptized 25th October 1713 at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were John Sheill and Archibald Glover. Of Christian we know nothing further.

  2. John Glover, born 29th September and baptized 2nd October 1715 at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were John Nimmo and James Begbie. Of this John Glover we will treat under the heading of “the Fifth Generation”.

  3. Elizabeth Glover, born 1st September 1717 and baptised the same day at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were John Shiell and Thomas Shiell. Of Elizabeth we know nothing further.

John Glover, Junior, married secondly on 2nd May 1718 at Haddington Beatrix Pow. The register entry describes them as “both of this parish”. John Shiell was cautioner for the bridegroom and William Archer for the bride. By Beatrix Pow, his second wife, John Glover Junior had the two following children:

  1. … [missing] … March 1719 at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were James Begbie and John Nimmo. In the 1742 this Archibald Glover was a witness to the baptism of Archibald, son of John Glover. Archibald married Margaret Forrest and had two child by her: 1. Ann Glover, born 18th October and baptized 20th October at Haddington. The witnesses to the baptism were John Glover and David Forrest. 2. Elspeth Glover, born 12th January and baptized 17th January, 1748 at Haddington. The witnesses to this baptism were also John Glover and David Forrest. Of Ann and Elspeth Glover nothing further is known.

  2. Alexander Glover, born 21st February and baptized 1st March 1720. The witnesses to this baptism were James Begbie and John Nimmo. Of Alexander Glover nothing further is known.

John Glover, father of these five children, was a witness to the following baptisms:

  • 1742, Archibald, son of his son John.
  • 1745, Ann, daughter of his son Archibald.
  • 1748, Elspeth, daughter of his said son Archibald.

The Fifth Generation

John Glover (son of John Glover Junior by Margaret Shiell, his first wife) was born in 1715, as recorded above.

This John Glover married in or shortly before 1742 Jean Holden and was the father of two sons:

  1. Archibald Glover, born 29th September and baptized 3rd October 1742 at Haddington. The witnesses to the Baptism were John Glover and Archibald Glover.

  2. William Glover, of whom we shall treat under the heading of the “The Sixth Generation”.

John Glover in 1792 was a witness to the baptism of the eldest son of his son William. In 1794 John Glover was a witness to … [missing] … presume that John Glover died between 1794 and 1797 as he does not appear as a witness to William’s third child or of any of William’s younger children.

We do not know what John Glover was by occupation but we can imagine that he was careful of his bawbees. He paid the customary fee for registering the birth of his elder son but evidently decided to save this small expenditure, about 5/-, when he found that his wife had presented him with another child. Consequently we have the trouble of proving William’s parentage. Luckily it is not difficult in this case.

The Sixth Generation

William Glover (son of John Glover, probably by Jean Holden, his wife), was a mason by trade. He was probably born in or about the year 1745 and was still living in 1815.

The proofs of his parentage are as follows:

  1. We can fix his date of birth as between 1725 and 1772 because he was still living in 1815 and his oldest child was born in 1792.

  2. It is known that he was a native of Haddington.

  3. Between the years 1725 and 1772 there were only two Glovers having children in Haddington, viz: John (b.1715) and Archibald (b.1719). Therefore William was the son of one of those.

  4. He was certainly not the son of Archibald Glover, because though William had four sons, he did not name one of them “Archibald”.

  5. He was probably the son of John Glover because he named his first son “William” after himself and his second son “John” after his father, as was very frequently done in those days.

  6. He was certainly the son of John Glover because John was the witness to the baptism of his two oldest children.

… [missing] …

That his birth and baptism were not registered is something of a surprise. It was not obligatory to register either. The minister would not make the record unless the fee for recording was paid. It will be seen that the births and baptisms of William’s four sons were not registered for many years after the events (to be exact: respectively fifteen years, thirteen years, forty years and twenty-eight years) and as for his daughters William did not trouble to record them at all. William’s sons probably were recorded only when there was legal necessity for proving their parentage.

In 1815 William Glover was present as a witness to the baptism of his grandchild, William Glover, son of his son William. He married Agnes Logan and issue by her of four sons and at least two daughters. These children were:

  1. William Glover, born 26th March, baptised 10th April 1792. The witnesses to the baptism were John Glover and Andrew Dunlop. This entry is not made in the registers of Haddington until 2nd September, 1807.

    Like his father, this William Glover was also a mason by trade.

    On 22nd October, 1812, William Glover and Agnes Scot were irregularly married (see appendix D) at Edinburgh. The entry is recorded in the Haddington registers and from it we see that they “paid the dowes”.

    They had a son “William Glover” born 9th April and baptised and Haddington 27th April 1815. The witnesses to the baptism were William Glover and James Glover (or, as they are rather quaintly entered “William and James Glovers”). It is possible that this William Glover, born 1815, grew to manhood and became a mason (see appendix E).

  2. John Glover, both 26th September … [missing] … …ber 1794. the witnesses to the baptism were John Glover and Andrew Dunlop. This entry was not made in the registers of Haddington until 2nd September 1807.

  3. James Glover, born 22nd September, 1797. Date of baptism not recorded. Witnesses to the baptism Archibald Logan and Andrew Dunlop. This entry was not made in the registers of Haddington until 25th April, 1837. Of James Glover we know nothing further.

  4. Terrot Glover, born 27th January, 1802. Date of baptism not recorded. Witnesses to the baptism were Andrew Dunlop and Archibald Logan. This entry was not made in the registers until 15th May, 1830.

    Of Terrot Glover we shall treat later under the heading of “The Seventh Generation”.

  5. Jessie Glover. Neither birth nor baptism recorded (see appendix A).

  6. Another daughter, neither her birth nor her baptism is recorded. She married … Chines (see appendix A).

The Seventh Generation

Terrot Glover, (son of William Glover by Anne Logan, his wife) was born in 1802, as recorded above. Early in life he migrated to South Shields, where he was a shoemaker, and later an Alderman of that city. About the year 1822 he married at South Shields Ann Reaveley, who died there on the 16th November, 1858, aged 60. Her husband survived her many years, dying in South Shields in 1885. Terrot Glover and Ann Reaveley, his wife, were the parents of Sir John Glover, born 1829, and others. From this point onwards the genealogy of the family is known.

Appendix A

Copy of a letter dated March 31st, 1914 from the Reverend Richard Glover, DD of 15 Westfield Park, Bristol, (a brother of Sir John Glover) to his nephew Frederick Beaumont Glover of Hillside, 11 Arkwright Road, Hampstead, London, NW :-

My Dear Fred,

  1. Your grandfather's name was Terrot Glover, shoemaker, born in Haddington 1802, died in South Shields 1885.
  2. Your great grandfather's name was William Glover, born in Haddington, married Agnes Logan.
  3. Your Grandmother's name was Ann Reaveley. Married at South Shields about 1882, died there Nov. 16th, 1858, aged 60.
  4. I cannot give you the names of all your grandfather's brothers and sisters. I remember names of
        William Glover
        James Glover
        John Glover
        Jessie Glover
    and another sister became Mrs. Chines.
  5. I have always understood we came originally from the Leicestershire - two brothers going to Scotland with Cromwell: one of whom remained in Haddington, the other went into West of Scotland and settled there.
  6. Descendants of latter, e.g. The Glovers of the Theatre Glasgow, were obviously our kinsmen, their faces proclaim it. Of this stock the Rev. Dr. Glover of Greenside Church Edinburgh and the Glovers of the Gas Meters were offspring.
  7. Some of that stock (e.g. Miss Glover, now Mrs. Cameron Bap. Missionary Society on the Congo) hold that they (and therefore we) were descended from Robert Glover, Mancetter, Warwickshire, who was burnt for Protestantism under Bloody Mary. I think Jack has the life of Robert Glover with him as otherwise we have no name of Lustre in our Tree, albeit the stock was godly and sensible.
  8. It belongs to you and your generation to train our heroic Glovers.

Some day I hope to see you in your new house. Love to all of you.

Your affectionate Uncle
(Sgd) Richard Glover.

Appendix B

The earliest reference to Glover in Scotland are in a list of Glover wills made as the result of careful search of the Register of Testaments in the Commissariat Record of Edinburgh, 1514 to 1800:-

1582, June 29 Walter Glover of Duphiolburne, sher. of Ayr.
1582, November 14 John Glover of Natoun.
1637, October 25 John Glover, indweller in Haddington. (This has been abstracted and the information in it is incorporated in the foregoing notes).
1632, January 3 James Glover, sometime servitor to the deceased Francis, Earl of Buccleuch, late indweller in Dalkeith.
1677, November 20 Robert Glover, in Traprain and Margaret Coltman, his spouse.
1733, December 21 Elspeth Glover, relict [sic.] of Andrew Kay, indweller in Pleasance.
1750, November 19 Adam Glover, mason of Canongate.

Appendix C

The Registers of Haddington consist of eight volumes:

  1. Baptisms, 1619/1659 : Marriages and Burials 1619/1622.
  2. Baptisms, 1660/1684.
  3. Baptisms, 1684/1749.
  4. Baptisms, 1749/1785.
  5. Baptisms, 1785/1819.
  6. Some of the Marriages, 1622/1819. Almost illegible before 1677.
  7. Baptisms, 1820/1854.
  8. Marriages, 1820/1854.

Volumes 1,2,3,4 and 5 have been carefully examined page by page and entry by entry for Glover references.

Volume 6 has been examined for Glover entries (bridegrooms’ names only from 1819 back to 1677). The condition of this volume is such that it seemed useless to continue the search. Volumes 7 and 8 have not been examined, owing to their late date. Every Glover entry found (with one exception) has been incorporated in the foregoing notes. The exception is the marriage under the date of 14th November 1755 of John Glover of “Pankatlain” (Peneaitland) with Janet Porteus of Haddington. Cautioner for him Alexander Tod, and for her Robert Laurie. It is obvious that this entry does not refer to a member of the Glover family in Haddington.

The following interesting note occurs in Volume 1 after the entries for March 1646:

“The rest of the names were lost from the month of March 1646 to the incoming English in 1650. All these minute from March 1646 to the 15 of Sepr. 1650 were destroyed by the English men at the incoming.”

At these times the registers were very badly kept, e.g. there are only two entries between March 1710 and January 1711 when there could have been several hundred.

Appendix D

In Scotland there are two kinds of marriage equally valid, viz: regular and irregular. The former is where the ceremony is performed by a clergyman before witnesses after due publication of banns, and in the latter case all that is necessary is that the parties express their mutual consent to take each other then and there for husband and wife.

Appendix E

Searches and Inquiries made at Haddington

The current register of electors for Haddington does not contain the name of Glover.

A careful search of all except the quite modern tombstones in the large churchyard attached to the Parish Church of Haddington failed to discover any Glover tombstones.

The Keeper of the Churchyard stated he had never seen the name Glover on any tombstones there. As the light was failing and the search could not be finished among the modern stones the keeper was told that a reward would be paid him if he could discover any Glover tombstones (either old or new) within the next two days. He promised to make a careful search of all.

On 22nd April, 1914, he wrote, as follows:

Sir, I have made every inquiry here and the only information I can get is the following. There was a Thomas Glover lived at Prestonkirk about 1850 with a family of 5 or 6 sons and daughters and he was then a man about 65 and 70 years of age, and might be interred in the said Parish of Prestonkirk. Hoping this may be of some assistance to you, I am, Sir, Yours respectively. (Sgd.) A Mymers

Prestonkirk is about 5 miles NE of Haddington. [While most of this history is attributed to Buster this letter appears date two years before his birth, it is presumed that this research at least was carried out by James Alison Glover, his father, or another of that generation.]

… [missing] … viewed. He said he had never the name of Glover in connection with Haddington.

Mr Runeiman, Plumber, aged 74, thinks he remembers hearing of “Glover the mason” from his father.

James Beattie, coal merchant, aged 84, does not remember hearing the name “Glover” in connection with Haddington. His memory is failing.

Appendix F

A search of the Register of Edinburgh Apprentices, 1583 to 1666, brought only the following to light:-

Thomas Glover, son of James Glover, "notar", in Mayhole with Thomas Brand, cordiner, indenture booked on 10th January 1655.

Appendix G

A search of the Edinburgh Marriage Register, 1595/1700 brought the following to light:

  • Adam Glover married Elspeth Beg, 4th July 1644.
  • Alexander Glover, baker in Canongate, married Janet Walkinshaw, daughter of the deceased Daniel Walkinshaw in Paisley 3rd March 1692.
  • Catherine Glover married Archibald Naeper, workman 20th June, 1644.
  • Christian Glover married James May, 14th June 1631.
  • George Glover, sievewright, married Janet Lorne 25th April 1672.
  • George Glover the younger, sievewright, married Bessie Thompson, 2nd June, 1670.
  • Helen Glover married Alexander Chrystie, tailor, 7th July 1670.
  • Isobel Glover married George Synclar, wright, 5th December 1611.
  • Isobel Glover married Thomis Storie, fishmonger, 18th July 1670.
  • James Glover, servitor to Balclought, married Anne Kirktoun 31st December 1646 (Compare this last entry with appendix B).
  • Janet Glover married John Haig, gardener, 30th July 1639.
  • Katherine Glover married Mungo Mortoun, cook, 19th May, 1601.
  • Mary Glover married Alexander Douglass, merchant, 18th March 1609.
  • Robert Glover, maltman, married Christian Case, 22nd June, 1609.

Appendix H

Referring to the Sixth Generation.

William Glover, son of John Glover probably by Jean Holden, his wife, was a mason by trade. His son, William Glover, married Agnes Logan and had issue by her of 4 sons and 2 daughters. These children were:

  1. William
  2. John
  3. James
  4. Terrot
  5. Jessie
  6. Another daughter, who became Mrs. Chines (see appendix A).

The Seventh Generation

Terrot Glover and his wife Ann Reaveley had eight sons as follows:

  1. William Glover
  2. Robert
  3. Terrot
  4. Sir John
  5. Thomas (Sea Captain)
  6. Dr James (Medicine) [handwritten note: Grandfather of JGG, CMG, ECG, MAG]
  7. Septimus (Member London firm of Shipbrokers)
  8. Reverend Dr. Richard (Baptist Minister)

William Glover, son of William Glover and Agnes Logan married Agnes Scot in Edinburgh. They had 6 children as follows:

  1. William
  2. Lewis
  3. Jane (Mrs. Paton)
  4. Agnes (Mrs. Whitelaw)
  5. Peter
  6. Jessie (Mrs. Milligan)

The Eighth Generation

Dr. Richard Glover had three children as follows:

  1. Terrot Reaveley
  2. Elizabeth Cowan
  3. Dorothy F.

Peter Glover married firstly Sarah Robinson and by had five children as follows:

… [missing] …

children as follows:

  1. Alice Maude
  2. Maxwell Roland
  3. Eloise
  4. Terrot Harold

The Ninth Generation

Dr. Terrot Reaveley Glover and his wife had six children as follows:

  1. Mary Reaveley, Lecturer Classics and Philosophy, Oxford.
  2. Anna Reaveley, H.D. at present serving with the forces in Edinburgh Castle.
  3. Elizabeth Reaveley, Probation Office, London.
  4. Richard Gilchrist, Schoolmaster, Canada.
  5. Janet Reaveley, Schoolmistress, Glasgow.
  6. Robert Finley, 2nd Lieutenant Royal Artillery.

Maxwell Roland married Armene Laplant and they had four children as follows:

  1. Maxwell Harold, married Kathleen Kearney
  2. Isobel married William McFadden
  3. Nina married James White
  4. Jessie married Edward Ayrheart

Terrot Harold Glover married Olive Jessamine Huffman. They had children as follows:

  1. Roland Leigh married Euphemia Porteous
  2. Charles Peter married Doris Edwards

The Tenth Generation

Charles Peter married Doris Edwards and they had two children as follows:

  1. Valerie Heather
  2. Julia Mary