My great-aunt, Mary Murphy, wrote a history of the Crowley family split into three parts: The Crowleys, The Curtis’s and Aleister Crowley.

Mary’s brother George Clement Crowley, generally referred to as “Clems” wrote some memoirs of his time in the Navy (he was in time a Rear Admiral) which was kindly supplied to me by Rick Crowley. I believe Clems’ obituary appeared in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, 15th February 2000 but I have been unable to confirm this.

Some correspondence between Abraham, Henry Sedgefield and Charles Crowley and the Ashby family in Alton dated December 1826. Kindly sent to me by Alan Davies.

A family tree dating back to Nathianel Crowley in the late seventeenth century and some photographs from various sources.

I don’t intend to add a lot to what is already written on Aleister Crowley.

There is also the following extract from a legal judgement relating to the disposal of part of Henry Crowley’s estate.