Many years ago I collated a large amount family history information as part of a school project. I’ve slowly started digitising this information and more recently have done some more research.

The Glover Family

My great uncle passed on a history of the early generations of the Glover family which in recent years I’ve been able to add a little bit more information to. In addition to this there are some of my Grandfather’s memories from the start of the Second World War and his diaries from 1935 and 1936.


The Crowley Family

There is a brief history of the Crowley family written by Mary Murphy, my great aunt on my mother’s side, which also includes a history of the Curtis family.


The Eteson Family

I have some of the accounts of Alfred Eteson who was the Surgeon General to the Indian Army at the end of the 19th Century, and a little bit of other information.


The Whelpdale Family

There’s a family tree of the 19th century Whelpdales.

The Merriam Family

I have very little in digital form.