It suddenly became a meme this winter that the change in sunrise and sunset around the shortest day is not symmetric. Hardly a fact that’s going to change, but I don’t recall ever hearing mention of it until just before the recent solstice.

As a cycle commuter, hours of sunlight and how dark it is are something I’m very aware of multiple times a week. “Cycling home in the dark is getting old already” has been a definite feeling at times.

So as a first step in learning D3 I’ve visualized the difference.

You can see the full (interactive) version here and the code is on GitHub.

For added entertainment you can offer an opinion as to the orientation of the chart. Morning at the bottom, evening top was my automatic choice. My proofreader immediately said it should be morning at the top (“you read down”), which I can’t quite get my head around. Rotating 90 degrees so that morning is on the left, evening right, and days run vertical would seem reasonable (but is October at the top or bottom …). Vote at my Twitter feed.

(The added good news … there was still daylight in the sky as I left work this evening.)